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Situated in the extreme south-west of Europe, Portugal is an important attraction for tourists from all over the world with its mild friendly climate, sunshine days and over 850 km of splendid beaches by the Atlantic Ocean. Its unique cultural heritage, tradition combined with modern trends and one of the best cuisines can make all together the perfect paradise package for any tourist or possible investor.

Portugal has an impressive history legacy spread all over the world on its previous colonies from Brazil till Indochina and succeed to create one of the most safe and stable political system. Based on these facts, Portugal developed a Golden Residence Permit Program, well implemented and successful which allows the applicant to visa-free travel within entire Europe Union and Schengen countries. After a compulsory period of at least 6 years, the foreign national is entitled to apply for full citizenship.

The main applicant is required to choose one of three options and to fulfill some other mandatory items.

Golden Residence Permit benefits and advantages

1. Visa-free travels within all European Union states including Schengen space ones
2. An average of only 7 days per year required for stay over
3. Citizenship can be obtained after 6 years
4. Fast and smooth application process

Submitting for Portugal residency program through The Consultant Middle East Company is the guarantee for a fast and smooth process, having access to all our devoted and professional team members, making sure to provide the best tailored legal and confidential advises for all our clients.

Procedure and conditions for Portugal Residence Visa

The applicant can choose to capital transfer of a minimum value of 1 million Euro or real estate acquisition of at least EUR 500,000 or by creating of at least 10 new jobs official enrolled by the authorities. The foreign national must prove clean criminal records and an international health insurance valid also on Portugal territories.

The steps are mainly simple, particularly after signing service agreement, we will proceed as follows:

Step A

We identify and evaluate the most suitable investment opportunities for each client and assign a Customer Manager to be in charge with all his application process.

Step B

We initialize the pre-checks procedures, prepare and submit the application for citizenship to the Government together with proper assistance for property acquiring and any other adjacent services.

Step C

We follow-up with the authorities and receive approval on our client behalf.


The applicant can choose one of below options:

1. Capital transfer of at least 1 million Euro
2. Real estate acquisition of a minimum 500,000 Euro
3. Job creation of at least 10 , all registered with Authority departments

Per each of these above options will be applied different other governmental and due diligence fees. The Golden Residence Permit validity is for one year and will be renewed for next two subsequent periods. GCI from The Consultant Middle East are leading experts in obtaining private residence via our residency programs.

At GCI we understand that applying for an alternative citizenship can be a complex and daunting process. That is why we ensure that our service makes the application process as easy for our clients as possible. We have many year experience in gaining private residence in some of the world’s top countries, some residency programs often eventually lead to citizenship. Now we are also in the Planing with the Government from Serbia and Bosnia for the next Citizenship Investment Program. Please call us!

Using GCI from The Consultant Middle East services will greatly increase the chances of success of getting residency.

We offer the following service elements as standard:

- A dedicated relationship manager as your single point of contact throughout your application.
- Professional guidance on the application procedure and support throughout the process.
- Documentation preparation and validation.
- Representation on your behalf before the Government.
- Management and resolution of any legal queries related to the application.
- Additional services available on request for clients wishing to utilise our partner network to support their application.

Facts for Resident Visa Portugal

Passport will be issued after 6 years if you have a minimum of 7 days stay over per year in Portugal. The total all inclusive costs with the real estates invest (Govt fee + Due diligence + Lawyer fee + Background Checks Fees etc) for one person should come around approx 603,000 EUR. Additional costs apply for dependants and family members.

Visa-free travel to over 160 countries including UK, Schengen European States, United States and more

Taxes policy in Portugal

General taxation rule for non-residents is 25% and interest and rental income together with dividends and capital gains are having imposed a 28% tax. There is no tax on gifts or inheritance between grandparents, parents and children.

Any more questions about the Portugese Residence Program? Please get in contact with us.

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